Ultra-Light Aircraft Project


Project Concept

Our project gives a new idea of an enjoyable flight on board an ultra-light aircraft. The project concept features a two-seat aircraft created using composite technologies by 5M s.r.o. Company (Czech Republic) and the Russian innovative engineering base.

Product Philosophy

Unlike other similar aircraft, our product is based on the "Human + System" rather than "System + Human" principle. In other words, technical requirements call for maximum comfort for the pilot and the passenger, which is ensured due to adequate flight performance and high level of flight safety.

Main Project Features

  • High level of comfort and usability:
    • Spacious high-comfort cabin:
      Elbow-room width: 200 mm bigger than in Aquila 210;
      Distance between seats: 50 mm bigger than in Aquila 210;
    • Wide angles of view from the cockpit and absence of nuisance glares from propeller disc;
    • High convenience of seating / leaving the seat.
  • In-depth development using state-of-the-art methodology (CFD analysis, wind-tunnel tests).
  • Moderate price.

Market Niche

The product is positioned as an ultra-light two-seat aircraft for a wide consumer range (from beginner pilots of moderate financial capacity to premium customers who appreciate comfortable individual flying). Basically, the aircraft is targeted for the EU market and (in prospect) for North American market.



General view


Length, m 5.44
Height, m 2.24
Wingspan, m 8.14
Take-off weight, kg 440
Payload, kg 220
Max load on wing, kg/sqm 53
Engine Rotax 912 ULS (80hp)
Take-off run, m 120
Landing roll, m ---
Maximum speed, km/h 240
Cruise speed, km/h 200
Stall speed, km/h 75
Rate-of-climb, m/s 7
Range at Vmax, km 440
Range at Vcruise, km 800
Service ceiling, m 4000

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