Stereo Visualization Hardware-Software Tools Development

  • The stereo visualization software development.
  • The design and manufacture of details and electromechanical equipment.
  • The manufacturing of projection screens with arbitrary surface shape.
  • The ready-to-operate stereo visualization room arrangement.

The suggested new technique provides the possibility to replace the presentation using of classical blackboard, paper and electronic board by stereo visualization. Researches in psychology of human visual perception of 3D objects show that even a high-quality two-dimensional projection of a rotating 3D object on the screen does not allow the viewer to perceive the object’s shape without certain mental strain. Stereo visualization, on the other hand, provides for automatic visual perception of a 3D object, owing to the human “habit” of seeing the outside world as a 3D representation. The stereo visualization system sends, to each of the eyes, its own specific video information, and the human brain further “compiles” the received data into a 3D image.


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