Vision Instruments® Software Package for Processing and Stereo Visualization of Simulation Outputs


Vision Instruments® software package is designed for data processing, resulting from the numerical solution of continuum mechanics problems and stereo visualization.

Software Package to Solve Problems of:

  • fluid mechanics;
  • strength;
  • electromagnetism;
  • other multi-physics problems.

The Key Features of Vision Instruments® Software Package:

  • 64-bit application;
  • internal macro language for data processing automation;
  • data stereopresentation;
  • types of the supported grids: static and dynamic, structures (hexahedrons) and non-structured (tetrahedrons, prisms, pyramids, polygonal elements);
  • 3D models as grid nodes, rod grid model, solid body with transparency are feasible;
  • static and animated presentation of scalar stationary and non- stationary fields of dependent variables;
  • visualization of variables distribution over the model surface and in the random planes as gradient-fill handling and isolines is feasible;
  • isosurfaces' construction and visualization is feasible;
  • automatic construction of variable distribution graphs over the model surface and in the space, and import in the electronic worksheets of Excel type is feasible;
  • static and animated presentation of vector stationary and non-stationary fields of the dependent variables;
  • set of tools for the construction of spatial and surface current lines, and movement pattern of ponderous parts;
  • embedded calculator for variables;
  • automated documenting of processed outcomes is feasible;
  • supporting PDB format (Protein Data Bank).

Vision Instruments® is a flexible platform with a possibility to develop software applications for processing and visualization of various three-dimensional data on the customer's request.



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