Fluid Numerical Instruments® Software Package


Fluid Numerical Instruments® software package is based on the developments approved wimedium 21 years in the aerospace branch.

Fluid Numerical Instruments® to Solve Problems of:

  • external and internal aerodynamics;
  • turbomachinery;
  • atmospheric aerodynamics;
  • ecology.

Specialized Computational Software Modules:

  • grid generator;
  • parallel solver;
  • postprocessor.

Governing Equations:

  • Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations;
  • transport equation in general view (diffusion-convection equation);
  • A. N. Sekundov one-equation turbulence model.
    Two-equation turbulence models.
Governing equation (*.pdf)

Computational Grids:

  • block-structured;
  • Overset Grid.

Numerical Method:

  • implicit finite volume second order in time and space S. K. Godunov scheme;
  • the solution method of non-linear equations - Newton's method.

Onera wing calculation verification (*.pdf)
Back nozzle calculation verification (*.pdf)
Flowmeter calculation verification (*.pdf)
Pressure coefficient distribution in the wing section (Zrelative=0.8).

The solution results in most popular CFD code.
(Density based solver, Roe scheme, S-A turb. model).
Building of a mesh in the FNI mesher.
The solution results in FNI solver.

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